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ADVISORY: POTENTIAL FRAUD. Some people are impersonating Maruti Suzuki Insurance Broking, offering Discounts in Premium & seeking payments in FRAUDULENT bank A/C shown as Maruti Suzuki Insurance Broking A/C. They are also sending FAKE policy PDF. Please note : Maruti Suzuki Insurance Broking DOES NOT ask customers to transfer premium in any bank account. Please pay online at Or contact any Maruti Suzuki Authorized Dealer.

Claim Center

At Maruti Suzuki Insurance Broking , we understand the urgency of the situation when you file a claim and help is extended at every step to ensure that your claim is handled with utmost priority.
We offer a host of benefits and ensure that your claim is taken care of within the allotted time. For instance, in our near-cashless repair services, you pay only for the compulsory excess and applicable depreciation as per the Indian Motor Tariff and the insurance company settles the remaining amount directly with the workshop. You are given complete details of every transaction in fair and transparent manner and you are not forced to bear any unnecessary costs.

To file a claim, you may choose any of the following options :

  • Call us at (011/022/033/044) 3377 4477 Or
  • Contact any Maruti Suzuki Dealership Or
  • Visit a nearby Maruti Suzuki Authorised workshop.
Check Claim Status
  • STEP 01 Claim Intimation
    and Estimation  

    Intimation of claim by the customer and repair estimate generation by the repairer.

  • STEP 02 Loss Evaluation  

    Surveyor Appointment by Insurance Company and Vehicle Inspection followed by approval for repair by the surveyor

  • STEP 03 Customer Consent
    and Repairs  

    Communication of estimate and approval to the customer to obtain his/her consent
    Commencement of Repairs based on surveyor’s approval and customer consent

  • STEP 04 Final Inspection and
    Delivery of repaired vehicle  

    Surveyor to verify repairs done and confirm for delivery of vehicle to customer on near cash-less basis
    Workshop to charge the customer for its share of payment and deliver the repaired vehicle

  • STEP 05 Claim Settlement by
    Insurance Company  

    On the basis of the surveyor’s report Insurance Company to settle the claim and make payment to the workshop/ customer (if settlement is not done on cash-less basis)